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Ironer tape
The ironer tape is a key element of flatwork dryer-ironers. It is intended for linen transportation across the ironing zone. It consists of joint layers of nonwoven fabric Nomex® and polyether strengthened by the reinforced frame. Structure: Nomex®/ polyether, operating temperature: up to 250⁰С, density 1500 gr/m², reinforced frame, stainless steel lock.
ATTENTION! Contact us to verify size of ironing belt for your equipment (name model and serial number) before ordering.

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Nonwoven fabric
The nonwoven fabric is used in the ironing mangles for lapping foundation. Kinds of fabric: reinforced with a frame and unreinforced without a frame. The reinforced fabric – structure: polyether, operating temperature: up to 180⁰С. Structure: Nomex®, polyether, operating temperature: up to 210⁰С. Structure: Nomex®, operating temperature: up to 250⁰С. Unreinforced fabric – structure: polyether, density: 600 gr/m², operating temperature: up to 180⁰С.
Heat-resistant cloth
It ensures protective function and prevents from dirt accumulation on the nonwoven fabric in the ironing mangles. It is wrapped around the nonwoven fabric as one of lapping foundation layers. Structure: Nomex®, density: 140 gr/m², operating temperature: up to 250⁰С.
Wool, springs, lamella
Purpose: ensures cushioning effect and permanent coupling between nonwoven fabric and feltwrapped roll. Depending on the make, model and kind of equipment, one of the following lapping foundation variants is used. Made of stainless or galvanized steel.
Covers of ironing tables and presses
Used in configuration of professional ironing presses and tables. The fabric may withstand the temperature conditions from 180⁰С to 250⁰С. Structure: Nomex®, polyether, density: 140 gr/m²
Cleaning means
Abrasive cloth, a cloth with a pocket for paste and wax, paste, and wax are the main cleaning means for ironing surface care.
Accessories for laundries
Special meshes are used for laundering with care and to keep the linen shape preserved. The mesh may be for multiple use. Structure: polyether, size: any, colour: any. Special bags are to be used for linen transportation from the customer to the laundry and back. They are made of durable, long-wearing material. Structure: polyether, size: any, colour: any
Spare parts and components
A large spare part storage for the whole range of laundry equipment is available in our company. Types of spare parts: inlet and exhaust valves, heating elements (tubular heating elements), temperature, pressure and moisture sensors, engines and reducing gears, dampers, driving belts, pulleys, bearings, electronic components.
Feed belt
The feed belts for transportation of linen into the ironing zone are used in the ironing machines. One side of the belt is rough for better coupling with the drive shaft, and the other one is smooth for careful contact with linen. Structure: polyether, density 1000 gr/m², reinforced frame, stainless steel lock
Drive shaft belt
The belt is used in the ironing mangles and flatwork dryer-ironers. Its main function is to ensure the best coupling of feed belts with a shaft rotating them for uniform delivery of linen into the ironing zone of the machine. Structure: rubber, width: 50 mm.
Pressure roller belt
The belt will press the linen to the “main” ironing belts, smooth it down thus improving the linen ironing quality. The belt has a protective function ensuring no contact between linen and metal surface of the pressure roller. Structure: Nomex®/ polyether, width: 50 mm, thickness: 5 or 10 mm.
Cutoff belt
The cutoff belts are used to avoid linen wrapping around the felt-wrapped roll in the ironing mangles and flatwork-dryer ironers. They facilitate uniform movement of linen along the guided path. Antistatic effect. Structure: Nomex®, polyether, Nomex®/ polyether, width: 13 or 15 mm.
Stacker belt
This device is for collection, stacking and transportation of the ironed linen to the place of packing. The belts are primarily intended to accompany the linen to the stacker, where it is automatically collected. Structure: cotton or cotton/polyether, width: 50 mm, stainless steel lock.
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